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Thursday, October 30, 2003

My father was driving me back home after my weekly Aikido lesson when we came across a small body covered with fur on the road. I straightened up in the passenger seat and exclaimed "oh my God". It was a cat, lying on the road, motionless. Apparently, someone had roadkilled it...I got out of the car while my dad drove to the airport to fetch someone. So I quickly ran to the dead cat, trying to examine it. Its eyes were was just "staring" into death...I was sad. It didn't know what was coming at it.

I've always had a thing for cats, probably because I grew up with them. You see, when my aunt Madeline was staying with us, she had six cats which she loved very much. Since I was young, she took care of me, and so did the cats. Yes, the cats took care of me. This may sound crazy, but I see kinda see myself in cats. Solitary, "aloof", independent. I'm not indepent, if you're wondering. Cats aren't really the social animals we expect it to be like dogs. I view myself as someone who isolates himself at home, avoiding large crowds or people that I don't know.

There I go again, rambling crap on and on. That's all...that poor cat...I cant still remember looking into its eyes...:(

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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Tell you something...I bathed 3 times today. Yeah, I know, it's nothing. I usually take 2 baths, one in the morning and the other in the evening. The reason why I bathed +1 today is because there was a prefectorial social. Although the school has a lot of prefects, only a handful showed up. Disappointing, really. Anyways, we did have fun despite our small number. Some of us got really exhausted. I mean really really. But we did overcome exhaustion at last. There was one game where we had to fill a bucket up until the brim, and two guys in the opposition group took off their shirts to absorb water in it. Not sure which group won thought; I think it was a tie.

On to durians. How I love them! The durian is truly the King of Fruits. I mean, it tastes like heaven...ah. Thinking about it makes me crave for it. I had a few "seeds" this evening. I wanted to have more, but I kept telling myself that consuming a lot would help the pimples on my face grow. My face is much better now. Everytime I say that, new pimples sprout like never before. They say that durians are "heaty". Kinda makes you feel hotter...and I think that it's true. I'm feeling hot...

And today, it's the first time I heard Enoch (Pr. Chai's adorable baby boy) laugh. It was so cute, his laughter I mean. A baby's laugh is so cute and it wants to make you laugh too. I wonder why...One more thing about Enoch. When he laughed, his eyes got cute!

Enough liao.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Ah...I've had relentless "sneeze attacks" all day today. Must have caught one of hundreds(is it?) of the flu viruses. I had one "sneeze attack" so bad that my sis said my face turned red. It hurts to sneeze after a while...all that muscles involved...amazing mechanism of the human body.

To top it all of, our exam results were revealed to us. Not all the subjects lah, because not all the subjects come on the same day. A few (and I do mean a few) days of school left, and we're free as birds for the rest of the year. Free from school, that is. Woohoo!!! There is still hope...

Watched Charlie's Angels Full Throttle again today. Since we bought the DVD, I've watched nothing else except CAFT. Of course, I did watch other DVDs too, like X2 and LXG. I'm like so amazed at how clear and crisp the movies are. I'm also amazed at how you can change the sounds, e.g. CAFT has another French dub. Amazing, no?

Well, nothing happened today lah, except I did hit a kid on the head on purpose. So annoying. I did control my temper, mind you, if not, the kid would have already landed in the hospital. Nope, I'm not telling you who that kid is.


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Monday, October 27, 2003

Sue Thomas F.B.Eye is on tonight. I have to watch it. I like that show a lot. There's also this guy with an intoxicating Aussie accent. Don't think I'm gay, but I think Aussie accent is quite...mesmerizing. And I'm not watching the show just because of him :)

Let's see...*argh*. There's school tomorrow!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I will die...I'm sick of school already. It's weird when people in school wish they were out of it, and people out of it wish the opposite. Weird. Human nature.

Ah...I'm out of ideas. I've nothing to write here. I have to check up on my RP Forum. It's been dead on and off. *sigh*

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Friday, October 24, 2003

Today is Friday. Heh.

Sorry for not blogging the past few days...really could not find the time. I'm on hols...

Today, I've officially changed my name. It will no longer be i love chopsticks.I will now be L. Just a simple letter.

Why do I like i love chopsticks...
I found two wooden chopsticks one day...and I came to realize that chopsticks only work (effectively) if there were two of them. I'm not joking here. We can really learn a lot from it. Try eating noodles with a chopstick. No doubt it is possible, but you'd probably get the food on the table and all instead of in your stomach.

What I'm trying to say is that we can only achieve something when we work together. Do I sound philosophical??? I think I do. The chopsticks I found were not in perfect condition; they were chipped and stuff. Kinda reminds me of me. I'm not perfect, not ever. But when I work with people around me, we can reach our goals...we can reach souls for Christ.

I feel like I'm preaching here. I hope you understand why i love chopsticks. That's an explanation for those who've been asking why the name i love chopsticks.

Today it's been changed to L. You guys should know why. Firstly, L's the first letter of my name. Secondly, it'd be shorter to type than my previous name(s).

And so with a heavy heart, I will depart from that name I've grown attached to. Perhaps, I'll change my name back to i love chopsticks in the (near) future.

G'nite y'all.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I've got both good and bad news today.

The good news>The gospel. Heh. No lah. It's not what I have to share. Exam's over and it's time to celebrate (Jesus, celebrate!)

The bad news>Something bad happened to my friend. I'm not gonna say what happened. It won't be right to publicize it. It could get worse. Please don't ask me anthing about this. My lips are sealed.

I've got a request: Please pray for my friend. I know, I know, you're asking what's my friend's name? Just pray, referring to him/her as lyndelle's friend. God knows who, and he knows what to do.

I really pity my friend. I've gone through it once. Nope. I'm still not telling you what happened. I shoulda been there...I'm so so sorry...:(

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Yeah! Tomorrow will be the last day of the final examinations! Can't wait :) But the last paper happens to be Chemistry, the hardest of all 3 Science subjects. Save the best for last, eh?

I love Selene from Underworld. I've even put a Selene 800x600 wallpaper. Feels like she's looking at me...she's so damn cool and all. She looks good too. In fact, she looks so different from Pearl Harbor.

Neways, nothing much to write...again. And oh, Happy Deepavali!

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Monday, October 20, 2003

Today was the dreaded Physics exam (although not as dreaded as Chemistry). Was kinda mentally pulling my hair...and pressed my calc's buttons harder than usual (sorry calculator!). Frustration. No wait. That's a mild understatement. Can't find the right word. I just don't wanna think of the word right now.

I miss ALIAS!!! Why couldn't they show the second season???Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

*Exhales* Let me see. Let's find something else to do. Oh yeah. Hehe.

How my white shoes got dirty on Monday:
1. Elvina did the officially marked her shoeprint on mine.
2. Nicholas (Ting) brushed his shoe on mine.
3. This time, Nicholas stepped *hard* on it.
4. My right shoe got under my friend's chair. How nice.

Ah well. Shoes will never be white. Signing out...

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Sunday, October 19, 2003

I went out last night with my good friend Mervyn. For the first time I met this friend Adeline (whatever the spelling is). Hey Merv, is she from Informatics as well? Anyway, the four of us (Merv, Adeline, Jessica, and me) went to see the International Jazz Festival at the Museum grounds. It was fantastic. I could really feel my sternum vibrate from the drum beats. Jess and I were joking around how if we shouted "Eugene!" (yes, he was playing), he'd shout back "Lyndelle! Jessica!" from the stage. Merv joked that someone else would shout "He's in the toilet!". Hehe.

It would have been better if the ground was dryer. Muddy it was. Terribly muddy. Our footwear was coated with a thin layer of mud. Some of us had little "droplets" of mud above knee-level on our pants. How I wish I could see it again...

Today, Sunday, was such a boring boring day. I've trying to keep my mind on studying Physics. Arghhhh!!!!!! Have to study some more later.

That's all that I plan to write.

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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Yeah! I've made up my mind to go for 5th Kyu Aikido grading. Cost me 25 bucks it did. But I won't regret. Just hope that I will pass!!!

Not gonna type much today. I'm so glad I lived through History exam. I think I can pass it. Note: I used the word pass. Just pass.Hehehe. I'm not a Sejarah(Bahasa for History) freak. Never was. Never will be. Never ever.

Okay lah. I'm gonna stop here. Still have to check my email. Didn't get to play RoD today. :(

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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Okay. I've made up my mind. I'm not going to make up for days I didn't post. So, sometimes, you might see leaps (big or small) between the dates and all. Nevermind, won't die one...

I have to say, I've become quite addicted to RoD (Realms of Despair). A lot has changed and it has become quite easier to play as well. My character is level 5 now. Yes I know, it's low. But if you're not an experienced player (or you really suck like me) leveling up is a tough. You can help but feel like you've accomplished something big, something important, everytime you get a level up.

I'm in a sort of real life realm of despair, but it's only temporary (wonder how much exp points I'll get). It's the finals exam and I'm sitting here typing this. What the? Wait. If you think of it, poring over books a day before exams is bad, isn't it? I'm not saying you should not study at all, though. I'm just saying that you should do some light revision. Read through your notes, that is if you take down notes. Congratulations if you do, you are not doomed like us. What? Define us? Fine. Me. Me. ME. Happy now? Ya lah ya lah, I know you all kiang one. Sure can straight A's one. There I go again with BE (Broken English). It's not that broken.

That's all I guess. No proverbs today. I am malas (lazy) to look through my book...good nite ya! And don't be malas like me okay?

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Sunday, October 12, 2003

Yay! I have to thank Mervyn profusely for solving my pc's problem! Thank you! Now I feel connected to the world...

Currently playing Realms of Despair...yes I know, I should be studying (but I'm playing for a while only). It has been a long, long time since I've played it. A lot has changed. Playing a human-vampire. Yeah, what can I say...I love vampires.

Oh yeah, I think I'll link some of you guys blogs and sites to mine when I find the time...

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