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Saturday, May 15, 2004

**Publicity is a Bad Thing...**

Just killed a mosquito. Hehe.

Publicity is bad. Especially when you're not what everyone expects you to be. Just got word that our Musical Drama "Who Will Call Him King of Kings?" was publicized as a "professional presentation". My heart skipped a beat. Fortunately (for us all), it was publicized as such to the other SDA churches, not to the public. But still, this is a big thing man. But hey, it's better to have the hall filled up than have an empty hall :(

Acting is tough, I'll give you that. But I love it. Just need to work on my expressions. *sigh*

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Friday, May 14, 2004


Yes...I've recently developed an addiction cream. And I still can't believe it. I tasted Walls cone ice cream on Sunday, the strawberry one, and it was simply...blissful. I'm gonna get another one this coming Sunday!!! I don't know what makes ice cream so addictive. Is it the taste? Is it the colour? Is it the way it goes down your tongue and throat? Ahhhh...I'm afraid to think more about it...

I am having exams until the 25th. So I won't be blogging much (not like I do anyways...).

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Thursday, May 06, 2004


My aunty came back from KL the same day today last week. She's going back today, and will be coming back again on the 25th of this month. Will miss her for a while. Haha. She cooked me mi goreng with scrambled eggs. A simple meal, but a delicious one too. Goodbye to my aunty.

RM 80. Goodbye. Aikido fees :( That money is not for the *skillful* instructors that teach us, but rather for the maintainence of the dojo. They teaching us voluntarily. RM 80 is a big amount of money (to me, at least). I can use that much to buy what I want!!! ARGH.


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