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Monday, December 03, 2007

Matty has just left.

I feel very empty now.

He'll visit in March when the semester begins. I cannot wait to see him again.

Tomorrow, he's having an audition in the afternoon to enter the Sydney Conservatory. I hope he makes it. He's been practicing real hard. He's nervous about the twelve-bar blues in all twelve keys.

I'm positive that he'll get in.

Matty, I miss you heaps.

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

I'm going home in two days.

Woohoo, right? Not really.

Not that I'm not looking forward to seeing my family and friends. I am very excited to being with them again.

But I don't really want to leave this Avondale just yet. Perhaps it's because I've only been here for just a couple of months. I feel like I've only started to get to know the place and the people, and now I'm going to leave here for about three months, and I won't get to see some people anymore. There was a guy a few doors down the hall from my room. Great guy. The gentlest guy I've met here so far. The kind that you meet once, and then you feel like you can tell him anything, and he will just listen. Matty, I will miss you. I will also miss your piano jazz that I secretly listen to even if I'm practicing my pieces.

And then there's another person that I know I will miss greatly. She has taken such good care of me since I got here, and for a time, before I knew anyone here, she was my social life, the only one I hung out with. Next semester will be very different because Charmaine won't be around anymore. Not sure who's gonna take me out for sushi now.

I don't regret meeting them and having them around for just one brief semester. I don't regret these feelings of sadness and not knowing whether I will see them again. But I'd rather have all this than not have met them at all. All worth it.

My comfort: I know next year will be more awesome. I will meet new people, make great friends, and have my own "Avondale experience" that this place is known for.

In the meantime, I just need to focus on spending as much time as these days allow with the people here.

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