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Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's funny how not a single driver stops for a someone walking in the rain without an umbrella.

Actually, it's not funny at all. In this Adventist community, it's shocking, appalling, outrageous. There are so many other words to describe it, some of which are much worse than the ones here.

Is it so hard to pull over for a few seconds to let someone into the shelter of the car?

I mean, since the driver and pedestrian are going to the same place, why not, right?

As much as this provokes the ugly demon out of me, it also makes me think of what I would do if I was driving and saw someone caught in the rain, regardless of whether or not I consider myself an Adventist.

In fact, it has nothing to do with religion. It has everything to do with being human, and being a good one at that.

But the fact that we're supposed to be a God-loving and Christ-like people just puts the driver-not-stopping-for-pedestrain-in-the-rain situation in a whole new perspective, almost a sad one. We're supposed to different. We're supposed to be the ones that care when no one else does.

We're supposed to be the ones to stop for someone caught in the rain.

Or maybe I'm just too mad that I was the one walking in the rain with cars passing me by.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

I try not to complain about the cold, because it beats sweating like a pig any day a million times over.

But lately it's been SO cold that it actually warrants my complaints.

Yes, I am aware that because I'm in the southern hemisphere and hence the seasons (which I happen to care about because there is only one season where I come from) are the other way around, which means that I am currently experiencing the middle of winter. Minus the snow.

The days are pleasant, although it is unwise to leave home without a jacket or jumper even when the sun is glaring down on you. Today, for example, was extra chilly because of the strong winds. And I mean really strong. I even had trouble walking. Very embarrasing.

Then the temperature dips when the sun sets. "Dips" here would be an understatement. "Plunges", "nose-dives", "plummets " might be more accurate. It gets so cold that it bites. Almost literally. Up to the point where you don't even feel your skin anymore. Or your hands. Or your feet. Maybe it's because I'm Asian that my tolerance for the cold is low.

(Haha. Look at me being racist to myself.)

Even now, in the late sunny afternoon, where it's warm in the uni library, at least when compared to the air outside, my hands are discoloured and splotchy from the cold. My jumper isn't helping to keep me warm. Don't get me started on stepping out of the shower in the mornings. Not very pleasant descriptions.

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