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Friday, April 30, 2004

**End of month, end of week, end of work**

The month of April is over (oh my, it went by so fast!). Tomorrow's a new month, a new day. Let me see...ah! Got into conflicts with two person this month. Let's see if I can "improve"...hehehe...Nah. I'm not happy about it.

And it's the end of the week too. I'm so glad I lived through another week. It's been a busy week. I can sit back and relax (for a while!)...until next week again. I've got two -- no, make that three -- important things to complete. Sigh. The cycle will go on and on...

Now I have Friday night and Saturday to look forward to! Yay! All the activities are keeping me interested to go to church! At least I have something to look forward to!

Talking about the end of things, this post has ended :) Happy Sabbath in advance!

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Thursday, April 29, 2004

**Completed Project**

I have finally completed my Chemistry project which I have dreaded for the past few days. I've done all I could, and I hope all my contents aren't too little or anything. If it is, or if I get marks which are too low, I'm gonna be so sad. I mean, that's my hardwork. Well, it's up to the teacher to give me good or bad marks. I really hope I get good marks!!! Tomorrow's the due date. I'm glad that it's done and over with. Now my mind's a tad lighter.

Also, I have completed my Bahasa Literature work which is also dued tomorrow. It took me so long to do it because I divided the work into days. You know. Anyway, I gotta run. Hehe.

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Monday, April 26, 2004

**I got to do my work!**

Yep. That's the excuse I came up with just so I can use the computer without being nagged at. That's right, I'm a liar. Hehehe. But it's not 100% lying you know, because I really do need to do my work. I have to type out a Physics report about electric stuff, which I really hate. It's kinda done.

And now I'm blogging :) I mean, since I'm on the PC, I might as well...

I still have other work to complete, like my Chemistry report on "the bad effects of alcohol", Bahasa's literature work, and...*gasp*...and...

...ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS! Wahhhhhhhhhhh........

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Sunday, April 25, 2004

**Kill Time**

Haha...don't you just hate having a lot of time to kill?

But hey, at least you can get your homework done. Completely complete. (Except for my add. maths...*snicker*) Even when I did all of my work, I still had so much time left. And that's why I'm typing this post when I should be studying :)

I just hope that I have time tomorrow *sigh*.

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Saturday, April 24, 2004


A smashing Saturday! We had acting practice as usual, and, I say, we are getting better and better at it. We're feeling the emotions now, and I got to say, there were times I wanted to cry while acting. But the director advised us against crying on stage. Why? Simply because if someone cries, everyone else would cry, and that would just spoil everything. He said that we must learn to control our emotions and channel them the right way.

I was looking forward to the photography session this evening. I didn't get to do it last week because the (wonderful) photographer, Dan, forgot to change the cam's batteries. Today, he was really prepared. He changed the batteries, brought extras and even the charger! We've been taking pictures to put into Dan's collection. If you go to his phlog, you will not find the pictures yet. He wants to have a big collection first. I even took some pictures with his cam, and he showed me some real useful photo taking tips (which I hope that I will remember!).

PLEASE NOTE: There is a MISTAKE in my last post. It isn't Rebecca Teo's grandpa that passed away, it was Matthew's. I hope that clears it.

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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Ah. No problems now. I don't know why everytime I try to blog, my browser closes itself. Weird.

Besides, I can't use the pc as much as I wanted to before. My parents say that I have to study.

I'll be playing the piano for a funeral today. Rebecca Teo's grandpa passed away. When? I don't know. The funeral's at 2 pm. I dislike funerals! It's so saddening.

Anyways, the choir has been working hard for the cantata. Acting is tough, but I'm enjoying it all the same. I simply love it, eventhough it isn't easy.

Can't stay long. Parents might be coming back soon. Byes!

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

It's such a hot night tonite. Perhaps it's not the heat that's killing me...perhaps its the humid air that we have here. Hate this climate.

At least there's a full moon out in the clear, cloudless night sky. But I can't seem to find any stars...hmm. Maybe I can't see them by just peering out of my window.

Poor Elvina fell sick today, or at least she didn't feel too well at all. School was much quieter today without her. And Chun was simply longing for her. He has some sort of *fetish* for her because she is his mistress...hehehe. Not mistress as in perempuan simpanan, but as in female version of "master". Hehe. He's her pet slave...

Elvina, if you're reading this, get well soon! (In Singlish tone) Because I scared I got nobody to copy the homework from =) But I don't copy homework anyway. It'll just kickstart the conscience thingy.

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Sunday, April 04, 2004

2nd-quarter-of-the-year resolution: to be (more) actively blogging. I just can't commit as much as before. There's just more work to do everyday, but not that I'm complaining anyway. I have school projects (or folios) that I need to get started on. We Form 5's are the first batch of the new syllabus. Supposed to better, lah.

Yesterday, I had a "modelling" session with the *very* talented photographer, Dan Fadalini. We took pictures of our silhouettes against the bluish green of the church curtains, and some other normal shots. Afterwards, we went out of the church to take pictures of us with blurred backgrounds. Then, finally, we took The Matrix-like photos. How did we achieve that? Dan took pics of us while we were mid-air, like while we were jumping. I enjoyed it so much.

Can't wait for Mutant X tonight!

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