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Monday, September 26, 2005

**Stairs PLEASE!!!**

What really irks me is when I enter the lift and press '3', rushing to get to class, this random idiot runs in at the last minute and then presses '2'.

Note that we are on the 1st floor.

How far is the 2nd floor from the 1st floor? Just a flight of steps away.

So now I have to stop at the 2nd floor just because this idiot is friggin lazy to walk up the stairs.

You wanna know what's worse? Going down.

I'm on the 3rd floor. Another random idiot runs in. I press '1'. He presses '2'.

I then press his head against the lift wall until it breaks open.

No. That part is just my sick fantasy.

Sometimes, I wish the lift only had the numbers '1' and '3'.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

**Voluntary Loss of Blood**


Is it wrong to feel proud of myself? I have just donated my blood for the first time ever.

Painful? Yes.

Scared? Scared sh*t.

The needle was huge. It could have been smaller, or it could have appeared bigger because of my fear. I was wiggling my feet around on the stretcher. I just couldn't stand the sensation of a needle inserted in my arm. Heck, even the thought itself makes me feel very uncomfortable. Eeeh...

I can still remember the feeling of the needle being inserted in my arm.

Not something I want to remember. Ever.

However, it feels good to know that I might potentially save someone's life.

Might go again next year when it comes around.

Did I mention that I went to the toilet three times before the donation?

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Friday, September 16, 2005

**Yoga Anyone?**

I've been going for yoga for 4 days now.

Stop your laughing.

You think yoga is all about slow, relaxed poses, and meditation?

If yes, shame on you. If no, then good for you.

My body is ACHING from yoga. The yoga type I'm doing is Power Yoga. It was introduced to me by Shimona (master/mistress? yogi :P). It builds muscle strength and promotes flexibilty. It also improves mental concentration. There is no "ohmmmmmm" meditation involved. But a special breathing technique is used so that you can hear and focus on your breathing. (That plus focusing on your posture, like keeping your back straight while bending down.)

Some poses are really painful. And I mean, REALLY PAINFUL.

Then again, I'm just a beginner who is not flexible and not physically strong (you need muscle power to sustain certain poses). So maybe it's just me.

So, yoga is not just for old Indian people who can lie on a bed of nails.

It's also for young people like me who can actually wake up at 5.00 in the morning with nothing else better to do. (Yoga starts at 5.30am; 30mins is for waking up.)

Ah. Body aching.

Feels good...

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

**Dorm Life...Fun**

Late nights.

Doing laundry by hand.

Later paying the laundry man to wash my laundry for me.

Crazy room-/suite-/dorm-mates. (A suite mate is someone who stays in the room you share your toilet with. Two rooms are connected to one toilet)

Annoying hamster.

Morning and evening worship bells.

Loud music from random rooms, echoing in the hall.

Maggi Mee in a metal mug.

Milo in the same mug.

Unappetizing cafeteria food.

Wet toilet floor.

Small bugs at night.

Roommate's clothes on MY bed.

A long flight of stairs up to church.

Early morning classes.

Turned-off warm shower.

Living in the library. (My second home now.)

Small balcony.

Just some of my thoughts. Notice that not all of what is mentioned above is good (like the cafeteria food). But all of it adds up to an enjoyable life in the dormitory.

I've never felt so independent in my life.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

**WOO HOO!!!**

I just checked my email.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw an email from "Grace Ling", my ex-piano teacher from IMH.

She told me that she would email me as soon as she got my piano exam results. So she did.

I opened the email and quickly read the first few lines. Then came the part I anticipated the most. It read:

"You got..."


"...Merit(124) for your practical."

Not too shabby for Grade 8 piano, considering the difficulty of it. Not too shabby.

Was aiming for a distinction though.

But nevertheless, I'm still excited.


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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

**Isn't It Supposed to be Quiet?**

The library is quite noisy.

Not sure whether this is normal at this time of night.

Or maybe it's only just tonight.

Either way, it's freakishly noisy!!!

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Sunday, September 04, 2005


That's the closest I can get to expressing my utter relief.

I have just come back from Orientation Camp (yes, and that was 10-15 mins ago). Three days of activities (some boring, some really great). So glad to be back in the comfort of my toilet.

The toilet and bathroom facilities there at the camp sucks. Big time.

Toilet flushing is done manually -- you have to scoop your own water and pour it down the bowl. That doesn't guarantee you 100% that all of your "unused matter" goes down that narrow hole.

Bathing is another thing. The tank you scoop the water out off to bathe is right beside the tank you scoop your toilet water from. All of these are in one disgusting, claustrophobic cubicle.

Not to mention the icy cold water.

All of the bad things aside, the jungle trekking was fun. I was put into a group of Thais who spoke little, if any, English. It was difficult at first; the language barrier was a big problem. But as time went by, we began to talk (I in the simplest of simple English as possible, and even talked in a mild Thai accent) and laugh. While trekking, some of the girls in my group introduced me to an extremely sour fruit that I liked immediately.

Back to talking negative. Something happened to me last night. After years of a flawless record, I have finally broken it; I fell down and got scraped on my knees (I mean, it's been years since I've hurt myself this way). It was raining last night and I had just taken a shower (in the icy cold water, nonetheless). So I ran from my cabin to the hall, but along the way, I failed to see a descending step. You know what happened next.

As I missed the step, I couldn't catch my balance as I was running too fast, and so...I fell. Hard. My knees got scraped and a small piece of rock embedded itself into the palm of my right hand. I picked myself up after a long moment of realizing that I had just fallen down. When I was dry a few moments ago, I was wet now.

Funny thing is, I remember saying, "OH CRAP!!!" before I hit the ground.

Anyways, I had that stupid piece of rock removed and sterilized my wounds (painfully).

My left knee is still oozing. The fluids are still seeping through my bandaid. Hope it dries out today.

These are all the memorable events that happened.

BTW, I got into the choir. I'm singing second tenor. A bit disappointed, cuz I want to sing first tenor. But it's all good. The vocal range is most comfortable for me.

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Thursday, September 01, 2005


Wah. Last night was the Merdeka party. All the Malaysians (and other non-Malaysians who love Malaysians) came together to have worship, sing the National Anthem (which was so cacat, cuz the CD kept on skipping), and then MAKAN!!! The food was way better than the cafeteria food.

Then it was all laughter after that.

Had so much fun last night. Didn't want to leave. But everyone else was going off.


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