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Monday, April 30, 2007

I have one word for you:


That should adequately explain my current decrease in blogging activity.

I love you guys.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Two days ago, Vivian came to me in the library, and, by the look on her face, her nose picked up a scent.

(Let me just say that I was using a new hair product before you read the following lines.)

She said that she smelled something, and then began to survey the vicinity with her nose. Her brief investigation led her to this conclusion:

"Smells like a sweater."

I then told her to take a whiff of my hair, explaining to her that I had just started using pomade (a styling aid like wax, but isn't really like it). She did as I told her, and thus, she identified the source of the smell.

She burst out in laughter as she realized that it was my hair that smelled like a sweater. (Of all things!)

Whether the smell of a sweater is good or bad has yet to be determined.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm back! Mentally refreshed but physically exhausted.

I will blog about the trip soon, which, if I said was just fantastic, that would be an understatement. Just gotta get my points down, and put them together. Meanwhile, I will blog about something else, something so trivial that you would want to discontinue reading this now.

I HAVE friggin' EYEBAGS! They're huge, but only when I smile or laugh. They've become darker, because of (even more) sleep deprivation from the trip. They're ugly, and make my eyes look "heavy." I'm laying off the eyeliner because it seems to accentuate the unsightly sagging of skin, lipid, and fluids under my eyes. (Yes, I do use eyeliner. Keep your judgments of me to yourself.)

I've gone online to find ways to reduce, if not completely get rid of them. And none of them sound promising. If they get any bigger, I would be able to pull stuff out of them like Doraemon.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I will be away for 10 days with no access to the internet. That means I can't blog.

I will be trippin' around West Malaysia and Singapore from April 12 to 22 with the Chamber Choir and String Ensemble. Below are the details:

April 12 - 20 (Malaysia)

April 20 - 22 (Singapore)

And then it's school again the next day :(

By the way, I miss Ryan, a 4-year old kid I got to know and love. He has nice orange-red hair and pale grey-green eyes! Haven't seen him since Saturday. I miss you Ryan!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I was almost hit by a motorcycle yesterday.

If I had not stopped walking for a couple of seconds, I would have been hit head on in a place where no motorcyclists should be driving. Here's the story:

Finishing lunch, Aaron, Toshi, and I left the cafeteria early for choir. When all of us should have taken a left, Aaron and Toshi walked straight ahead. I stopped, turned back, and asked them where they were going, to which Aaron replied, " get my folder." He had left it in the library.

"Fine. See you there," I responded, a little frustrated that I had to walk all the way up to the Fellowship Hall at Church by myself. It was hot; some company would help take my mind off the searing heat of the afternoon sun. I stuffed my earphones into my ears, thinking that a little bit of music would compensate.

I continued walking (to the beat of the music) along the side of the cafeteria and approached the corner of the building when suddenly a motorcycle appeared from the other side. Thanks to my somewhat keen and observant eyes, I noticed it from the corner of my eye, and froze instantly. And although the motorcyclist was going fast, he managed to stop right in front of me.

The motorcyclist just took off without apologizing. (He was driving where he shouldn't have, or at least he should have drove slower because that area is where many people walk.) But it was still my fault partly; I had my earphones on, so I couldn't hear the motorcycle.

It took a while for me to collect myself. I began to think that what if Aaron didn't leave his folder behind? That would mean that I wouldn't have stopped for a few seconds, and I would have sauntered right into the path of the motorcycle.

It was those few seconds that saved me from injury. That little, insignificant moment prevented me from getting hit.

I don't usually get all religious in my posts - I do try to avoid this - but there is no doubt that it was God's hand. He had protected me from a potential accident. I thanked Him profusely in my prayers last night, and I still thank Him.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

I was visited upon by a cleaner-lady as I took a wee-wee in the toilet.

"Soli," she said, in a strong Thai accent, putting the stress on the second syllable of the poorly pronounced word.

"It's okay," I squeaked as I pushed my torso into the urinal in an attempt to conceal my precious wiener from her view. If I had pushed in any harder, I would have left a hole in the wall where the urinal used to be. In reality, I was anything but okay. I've never had anything female walk in on me when I relieved myself. This was the first time, and hopefully the last.

She strode passed me with an assortment of brooms and mops to the little store room at the end of the bathroom while I strained my bladder and whatever muscles involved to pee a little faster. I turned look at her, and she appeared normal, like she was used to seeing guys take a leak. I, on the other hand, tried my best to appear unperturbed by her intrusion.

When I was finally done, I zipped up, flushed, washed my hands, and zoomed out of the toilet.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dreams are sublime.

Between 6.00 AM to 6.50 AM this morning, I experienced a dream from which I refused to wake. If I could choose, I would continue to live in that dream, only waking to sustain my physical body, and then eagerly return to that which would never, in a million lifetimes, happen in this life so painfully named reality.

One of my wildest fantasies came true in that dream. I will not tell you what happened, because I believe that you know what kind of fantasy I'm talking about already. According to Freud, our repressed ______ (fill in the blank) urges and aggression are surfaced in our subconscious and the pleasant product of its doings: dreams. In that dream, all that bottled-upness was let out, like a overwhelming deluge of suppressed desires.

Now, if only dreams could find a way to seep into real life, bit by bit, reality wouldn't be such a bitch. But, then, if dreams (and by dreams, I don't mean aspirations) came true, the world of dreams would lose its luster. Dreams wouldn't be special and personal, the two things that make dreams so irresistible.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Ambitious Toe, Part Deux

((In the last installment, the toe decided to see the world, first setting its sight on a wooden leg of a chair while riding a slipper.))


The moment of truth was at hand. The toe's world would never remain the same after today. It would finally show the rest of the toes that it was just as capable as they were, perhaps even stronger, despite being the smallest.

"You're mine!" The toe bellowed in a fit of battle-rage as it plunged its white keratin sword into the wooden leg's soft flesh. "We'll see who's stronger now!"


A deafening sound of splintering keratin with agonizing resonance ensued. A twinkling of realization passed as the toe stared at its keratin sword in utter disbelief. Seconds ago, its sword was glorious, its perfectly smithed blade bearing signs of its perfect smith. No longer was it glorious or perfect now. It lay almost it two pieces, the tip hanging from the shaft by fibers of keratin. Parts that were not broken off were bent painfully white.

The wooden leg, on the other hand, showed no signs of struggle. Only a faint dent on its burnished skin was proof of its victory. With an inaudible laughter, the chair jeered at the toe and its sword. The toe could only question its worth.

Is the toe doomed to be inferior for life? Will it be able to face the other toes? To be continued...

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Thanks Nate, for a refreshing Sunday!

Sometimes, we just need to break away, even if just for a brief moment, from normal life. In my case, normal life would be college life. And that was exactly what we did yesterday evening. Nate was so thoughtful to invite Vivian and I for a relaxing drive in the countryside.

We came across some ostriches with their gaping mouths, disproportionately humongous bodies, and their "miniature version of dinosaur feet." We also found them in the menu of a quaint eating place: Ostrich Steak. Ugh.

We were so disgusted by the menu and the price of food that we left to another eating place. To our relief, there were no ostriches to be found there. (The only ostrich we found there was a statue of one.) We huddled comfortably in a tiny sala as we enjoyed our food, the kind we haven't had for such a long time.

On our way back (with slightly bloated tummies), we missed the nearest U-turn, and spent about 20-30 minutes on the highway. The sights and sounds of Muak Lek at night is so different from the day. I felt so refreshed!

Nate, if you're reading this, let's do it again, and soon!

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