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Thursday, November 24, 2005

**Bakery Bitterness**

The Bakery.

Food there's great. But some of the people aren't. Ask around. Some will say the workers there are rude.

I experienced it first-hand today. Not a very nice encounter. What's worse is it was with the boss of the bakery.

You see, it doesn't matter what you use to put you food on -- plate or bowl. Or at least that's what I think. Anyway, this particular dish I wanted had yummy gravy (with potatoes and some other vegetarian stuff), so I used a bowl. Then while I was scooping the food into the bowl, the boss came over.

"Why do you use the bowl?" she demanded. Then picking a plate up, she continued, "There are plates here for you to use!"

At that instance, she dropped the plate back in its place like as if one was terribly annoyed.

Pissed and embarrased, I muttered (quite loudly) under my breath, "Up to me lah!"

Not sure whether she heard it. But I think she saw me dumping the cover of the container (where the food was kept in) into the container.

Fortunately for me, Joy was there. She placed the cover back in its right place as I stormed out of the bakery. And the cashier (Waleed, of course) had the nerve to jokingly keep my cafeteria card as he does with everyone else's. I, of course, was not in to mood, so I put my bowl down and forcefully snatched it out of his hand, his partner looking on.

I slammed the bowl on the table so hard that some gravy spilled out. Whoops. Wasted. But I was really pissed. I mean, really really pissed.

And then when I left the cafeteria, two friends passed by me. I waved and said hi to them, but they were playfully being sombong. Again, I was not in the mood, so then I merajuk. I heard them laughing behind me as I walked away.

You want to play rough with me? I can play rough too. One friend of mine thinks I'm the least aggressive guy she's ever met. Can I prove her wrong? Should I prove her wrong?

This is not my day. Or maybe it's me making it worse for myself.

It is safe to say that I am one of them who thinks the workers there are rude.

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

**Short-lived Fame...**

If I could re-live a day, it would be yesterday (Saturday).

Last night's Music Rendezvous II was a success. I hope the String Ensemble got enough money last night to help pay for our trip to Malaysia next semester. We might not go if we don't. Anyways, the trip is not yet confirmed.

So much anticipation and nervousness. But nothing beats the feeling you get when everyone applauds you. Honestly, I enjoyed feeling recognized and appreciated. Like I was a star or something.

The "photoshoot" after the program was great. It was non-stop picture-taking. We stood there with camera flashes going off in our faces. I got tired of smiling so much (I'm sure the rest of the musicians did too). But I have to say that I was blissfully basking in the limelight.

I felt so important. Too bad the night was so short.

TodayI feel like life's gone back to normal (and unfortunately, it has). Mundane. Like I've become a has-been. No one special.

It's depressing. The excitement has resolved too quickly. It feels like falling down from a high place and hitting the ground hard. Face first. What's even sadder is that some of my friends did not attend the concert. I expected them to come.

I'm grateful for the friends that came to support nonetheless.

I guess I'll just have to patiently wait for next year's Music Rendezvous III.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005


Last Friday, a group of students (including myself) went to the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok to fix some visa problem or something like that. Ended up doing nothing. We were not required to be there.

Anyways, after having dinner, a Vietnamese fellow and I entered the van (that brought us to Bangkok) first. Once inside, our the "visa handler" (the man handling our immigration stuff, but that's not important) turned on some Thai song, to which the Vietnamese said, "Wow, this looks like a Chinese song! The words look like Chinese!"

In the spirit of speaking good English, I corrected him. "Sounds like."

And then he replied, "Yes! And sounds like too!"

I kept myself from laughing. Poor Vietnamese fellow. Hasn't he learned anything from ESL? (English as a Second Language, but I'm sure you know that.)

And yes, I am coming home for Christmas!!!

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Friday, November 04, 2005

**So Fast!!!**

This is is gonna be over too soon.

I'm still not done being mad with the gay yet.

Anyway, I have nothing of interest to blog about. I'm teaching violin at 2pm, which is 23mins from now. That's nothing interesting.

This weekend's gonna be so boring. Some of my friends are going on a Theology Camp (I think they've already gone by now). The rest of us are stuck here for the weekend. That's nothing interesting.

You know, everytime I mention that I have nothing to write about, I end up writing about something.

20mins left.

Oh yeah, I've started playing Neopets again. Sometimes it can get really boring here. Boredom is very dangerous. It makes you do things you would not normally do. Like play Neopets.


18mins left.

So Happy Sabbath everyone! And I still can't shout in my shoutbox :( Keep the messages coming in, ya? Thanks a lot!!!

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

**FUCK YOU!!!**

If only he could read this:

Dear fucking fag,

I'm so fucking pissed at you. For observing me. For judging me. For thinking about me. All of this with your fucking homosexual mind. To top it all of, you had to fucking spread a rumour about me being gay just like you. Firstly, you can't fucking look into my soul. Secondly, I am nothing like you, you gay fucking son of a bitch. Thirdly, keep your fucking homosexual thoughts to yourself. So what if I'm gay??? You can't know that for sure. So don't go telling people that I am. Keep your fucking mouth shut. I do not want to have anything to do with you ever. AND DON'T YOU DARE EVER THINK IN YOUR SICK GAY MIND THAT I LIKE YOU!!! Even if I was gay, you would not even be my last choice. You would not be anything to me. Stay out of my life. Go share your fucking gay life with a *real* gay like yourself.

Yours *fucking* truly,

Sorry for the profanity. I just found out that some sick gay is spreading rumours about me. I am so mad now I feel like my chest is gonna burst. If I could just get my hands around that gay's neck!!!

But my fucking good nature is preventing me to do that. I WISH I COULD DO SOMETHING TO THIS GAY WITHOUT CONSCIENCE!!!

I feel so paranoid now. Like everyone's looking at me differently.

I think I need some chocolate ice-cream.

BTW, I can't shout in my shoutbox and everyone else's shoutbox. Something wrong with either my shoutbox or the school's pc.


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