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Saturday, January 29, 2005


One question: Is it a sin to blog on Sabbath? (Please don't answer that...)

I'm only blogging just to kill time. I really hate the time between potluck and choir. Sometimes, it can really get boring. I'm not joining potluck today and plus, there's no choir. Lagi teruk. There's only a meeting later at 1:45pm. Oh, I gotta go. Maybe, I'll sambung later...

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Friday, January 28, 2005

*There and Back Again**

I am proud to say that I drove to and back from my music lesson, and lived to tell of it! It is such a big accomplishment for me 'cause I have never driven that far, on the main road, on my own. I was smiling on my way back home and I think all the other drivers must have thought that I was some madman on the road or something. I was friggin' nervous before, but ecstatic when I got home. I LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The back of my nose is hurting now. I hope I'm not gonna bleed from the nose...

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So, what do you guys think of my new design?

*Smiles beamingly...*

I hope it's easier to the eyes, 'cause I avoided "bright" colours. Might take a longer time to load, but I hope you guys like it!

Oh yeah. I have to drive to music lesson today. By myself. Am friggin' nervous about it. I'll tell you all about it after I come back from music lesson today :(

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

**I Think (cont')**

I think...

...I want to change my blog design. Too soon?

...I want to watch Elektra.

...I'm craving for Salad Chicken Rice. Mmmmmmmm.

...that tomorrow's music lesson is gonna suck. I'm gonna have Dr Geraldine Lee (I think Lee's her surname) to sit in a lesson. I'm freaked. She is like the embodiment of all-things-music, although I did hear from someone that her piano playing sucks =P True or not???

...I suddenly miss my Singapore friends. But why??? Must be because of the all the catching up that I had with them. We chat now, since I'm online so very often now.

...that I'm really gonna change my blog design soon. I don't care about changing it too soon. cat's sleeping now. As usual.

...that this is all I'm blogging today. G'nite!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

**I think...**

I think...

...I wanna get my hair cut today. It is so hard to control and it's getting on my nerves. I'm gonna get it cut short and thinned before it gets all poofy. Oh wait, it already is.

....that my internet connection is so super slow now. I want broadband!

...I need to get new computer games to play. I'm so bored at home.

...I will have to friggin' drive to music lesson this Friday. Help!!!

...I'm hungry. But it's a bit early though...

...that the episode of Fear Factor that I am watching is the scariest by far: the female has to get into a tank full of tarantula spiders while the male has to free them by sucking goo and sawing a metal tube. I can totally sympathize with the females 'cause I am highly arachnophobic. Ugh. Just imagine the fat spiders crawling all over your face and there's nothing you can do about it!

...that the person kicking the can just outside my house is annoying. Go kick the bucket instead (hehehe, I'm so bad)!

...I will stop here now.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

**Sudden Burden**

I was in music theory class today when I thought about my life as of now, not bogged down with school and all that comes with it. Sweet. And then, all of a sudden, I thought of my music studies. I've never felt more burdened by it until now. I pictured myself practising for many hours, and that brought the reluctant feeling to come over me. I love music, but I'm just lazy.

I will have to wait a few months before my music studies are finally over. I can't wait! But until then, I will have to live with it. I envy Elvina...*sob sob*

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Monday, January 24, 2005

**Wasted Day**

Another day gone by, just like that. And how did I spend it? Wastefully, I have to say. After waking up, I watched White Chicks, and found myself only laughing at the part where the lactose intolerant "white chick" was in the toilet (and farting like crazy) after chowing down on some foodstuff with lots of cheese on it. After taking a shower, I went to church to do some stuff. On my to church, however, I met Chun. I spent the whole day with him. We had lunch with Jessica, and then went over to Ting Jie's house again. Why? PS2 is good, I tell you. We played fighting games the whole afternoon.

Today, I realized something: I must not play PS2 for too long. Why? Doing nothing much but sitting down for hours is bad. Not only is it bad for the butt, but also for health. I felt sick on the way home, and Chun complained of the same thing as well. I feel like I'm wasting away, now that there's no school and all the activities that come with schooling. Hey, I'm not complaining about that, but about my butt. Is there such thing as chairsores? I've heard of bedsores...

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

**3-day Summary**

Let me try to summarize the events of the past 2 days and today.

Fri Free in the morning. In the afternoon, some friends came over to share the anxiety of a not-so-well planned Friday Nite program. We even tried some last minute re-organizing. Night came and the program went well (although I didn't play the closing song eventhough I was supposed to). I also got to perform a newly composed song written 2 nights prior to the program with my vocalist Elsie. Went for practice at Eugene's house after that and then came home at around 11pm.

Sat Church as usual. Choir practice as usual. What was unusual was that I got to kill two birds with one stone that night. I went out with friends and then went to celebrate Elvie's belated birthday at her house. Was laughing and joking around at Elvie's house. Earlier on, I had to choose between the two. In the end, I chose both! Went to bed at 12.30am that morning.

Sun Woke up with dark circles under my eyes. Cleaned up the Youth Room (which is extremely out of shape) from 10am until after lunch. Then I had lunch with Wycliffe and Jason at Central Park (I had Salad Chicken Rice). Later, we proceeded to Ting Jie's house where we spent the whole afternoon playing PS2. Went home in the evening, quite exhausted. And now I'm typing this post.

There. All three days summarized. Phew.

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

**Nite Out**

Heheh! Going to Elvina's house tonight to watch a movie. Not sure what movie though, but hopefully it's The Phantom of the Opera. I've fallen deeply in love with that movie (although it did get some bad ratings). The songs are great, especially Masquerade. You gotta watch it for yourself, not be influenced by ratings and all. Everyone's got different opinions. You know, like how ginseng chicken soup may taste horrible to some but extremely tasty to others??? So it's like that with movies. I think.

Think of me, think of me fondly...

So, I have to end this post short because I gotta go get myself ready. I still have to shower and eat a little.

When we've said goodbye...

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

**Social Needs**

There's this feeling, this hunger, inside me that wants me to be surrounded with friends.

The noises coming from the school is making me, like Elvina, a little nostalgic. Although the school hours were dreadfully long, nothing beats spending the majority of your time with friends; laughing with and at each other, getting pissed off and frustrated at each other, greeting each other every morning (and then immediately proceeding to copy someone else's homework, but not me), goofing around in class (again, not me...heheh), according to Elvina, 'screwing up together', etc. The list will go on and on.

Not to mention being scolded together by the class teacher. Heheh. How could I forget that?

I need to get out of the house and socialize now. Even introverts need some time with friends as well. They are not cooped up in the room or house 100% of the time. Although they prefer to be alone, they still need friends. No man is an island.

*Sigh* Anyone free tonight? Oh wait, I forgot. I'm not free tonight.

I gotta play the piano for church tonight...I have to talk to pastor about being the only pianist playing every Wednesday night. Not that he'll care anyway. I guess it just takes too much effort to allow me some time off. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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**Quiz URL**

Just click here to take the quiz.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


There's this stupid techno music playing somewhere nearby. I HATE IT because it is just too loud now, too overpowering. And all I can hear is the beat of the bass. It's driving me mad. That's practically all to hear from techno. Nothing else really, except the special sound effects and some noise. And they call that music.

Not that I'm being close-minded and all.

To the techno listener: Can't you lower it a little? I mean, you don't have to blare your music if you're listening to it all by yourself. Locked up in your car. You're not deaf!!!

Or are you?

I just want some peace and quiet now...

And not too far off my house, I can hear an English teacher currently teaching. Loudly. Her voice, it brings back bad memories. She is just so naturally loud.

"Do you always speak like that?"


It's no wonder...

And now I'm hearing: "Thank you, teacher!"

Thank God she's done.

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Monday, January 17, 2005

**What Type of Gemstone am I?**

You scored as Emerald. Positive yet caring, sensitive and simply divine, emerald-types have the qualities of a perfect friend. They value loyalty and inner contentment, and have time to stand by and listen when someone has a hardship to face. They also seem to have a good memory aswell, as it is something the gems themselves promote.

Yup. Pretty much me. Hey, this quiz is really good! Summarizes me! So accurate (except the simply divine part). If you want to take the quiz, leave me a shout.

p/s: It came from a website that was too troublesome to type here. Something wrong with the result's HTML coding, and I don't want to pore over it.

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**Two Posts Today**

Yup. And that's because I'm excited Mindworks is up and running.

Met with a friend today after years: Rachel Phoon, a public relations person or something like that. She's working with the press and all that, and I think that's really cool. I could to that if I take Mass Communication (I am gonna, actually). I think she took the PR branch. I'm gonna go for the Journalism/Broadcasting branch.

She said that if I wanted help fto get a job, after I graduate, I could look for her. And she'd hook me up with her contacts. She's got contacts in TV3, TV2, NTV7, and a whole lot of newspapers. I'm just amazed at her. She knows, personally, the people we see reading the news on NTV7 and TV3.

And by the way, she looks like Christine from the movie Phantom of the Opera, only more Asian and better!

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**All Things New**

After an undetermined period of time, Mindworks is back! This, I hope, is good news for everyone. Friends starting their own blogs, those currently blogging, and everyone's insisting me to blog have finally motivated me to restart my blog. Also, Macromedia Dreamweaver has played a big big part in the "renewal" of my blog. I'm happy.

I hope my design is easy to the eyes. Nothing fancy. More to come soon. I promise!!!

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