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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

**The Road...**

... to emotional recovery is not an easy one.

There will definitely be obstructions, detours, and pit stops along the way.

But when I finally get there, the journey will be well worth it.

The scars will be a constant reminder of my stupid mistake. Sure, everyone has their own stupid mistake, you say. But, let me tell you, no one handles it the same way. Nobody has the same heart.

My life has taken a turn on the road called "Life." I am walking on a new road. One that is evidently more difficult. One that is evidently wrong. But I can't turn back now. I just can't. There's no way to turn back the clock.

Now I have to live with my mistake. I have to face its consequences. The people around me should too. It's difficult to walk forward when everyone is pulling me back to the previous road. Let me move on. Maybe you should too.

Just try to accept me the way I am, because I am also trying to do the same thing. I need your friendship, not what you keep telling me to become, because I understand the road that I am walking.

Just let me heal.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

**Pretty Much How I Feel Now**


Mencinta diri mu
Untuk yang terakhir kali ini
Lihat ku di sini
Setia untuk dirimu

Kasih yang ku belai
Gugur selama lamanya
Waktu yang memisah
Menghukum luka yang lama terpendam

Kesuraman yang telah menjelma
Dihujani sedihku
Melarakan kenangan bersama
Di akhir pemergian dirimu

Tinggalah aku menanti
Mimpi yang indah kan mewarnai hati

Hanyalah dirimu
Yang bertakhta di jiwa ku dulu
Tak rela meninggal suci kasihmu itu
Bersemadi cinta ku disini
Biar mekar mengharumi
Andai ada masa kan ku temu...

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Monday, April 03, 2006


There was a talent show last night. Mostly music. And, naturally, I played the piano. But not a solo, but accompanying singers. It's what I do best :)

After the show, I met up with Vivian. She revealed to me something I would never expect to hear from anyone. Ever. (But it was very welcomed, nonetheless.) She said that, and are you ready for this, I played really sexy last night. Sexy!

My heart skipped a beat. After a split-second of mental processing, I went, "WHOA!!!"

Never has anyone told me that I play the piano in a really sexy way. Maybe it was just last night. Or maybe I just don't at all. So, what brought about that realization, Vivian? Was it the hair, the eyeliner, or the black nails? Or was it something else??? Something intangible, just something you can't tell, but feel???

WAH! It's still so... surreal . Overstatement. Curious as I am as to why my playing appeared sexy last night, I can't help but relish in the thought that someone considered it sexy.

*Relish, relish, relish...*

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