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Saturday, January 31, 2004

A typical Saturday. Nothing out of the ordinary.

However, I did realize something. I've been hearing talks about "feeling the presence" of God these past two days. And I find that I can feel Him when I'm singing my heart out. Jason and I would get together and he plays his guitar (and sings along sometimes, like today) while I sing. It really feels good...I feel so peaceful just thinking about it. A new discovery.

**ugh** I just saw and mercilessly killed some sort of long-legged mosquito.

Although I still have almost a year to go, I'm already thinking of life without my *3* (hehe...) current close friends, namely Elvina, Jason, and Chun. Note: These names are not in the order of who I'm closest to. They're all the same and special to me. When we were all sitting together, we were discussing about ourselves.

>Chun< pros: his apathy or non-excitable nature [usually] makes him the joke of the class. cons: his extreme "blurness" is simply a turn-off, if not annoying.

>Elvina< pros: her admirable industrious habits, and always gets the job done no matter what. cons: is known to be annoying to some people only. i will not say more :)

>Jason< pros: his seemingly unlimited patience (and silence), and able to socialize with the quiet ones. cons: can be overly silent especially when required share his ideas.

And myself, according to the three mentioned above:

>Lyndelle< pros: unconscious ability to "counteract" Elvina's annoyance. cons: prone to conceive negative thoughts or commit negative deeds. to summarize, he's a big pessimist. sucker.

I know you guys are reading this. And eventhough I may not show it, I want you guys, and girl, to know that I love and appreciate you all!!! I really don't know how it feels to be separated next time. I just want to feel good being together!!!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Haha. My classmates were having some sort of competition in class today. They were to spin around in place 25 times, and then try to run to me at the other end of the classroom. None made it by running, and instead of running, they crawled to me! Gave us all quite a laugh. Afterwards, one of my friends who spun round and round complained of a headache. Luckily I didn't do it!

Went for a haircut. I told the lady-barber not to cut my hair too short. You know, she can style my hair really nicely, but then when I get back home, I can't style it the way she does. I wonder why??? Maybe my hair doesn't like me. Huh.

And oh, I peed (past tense of pee) for more than 15 secs today. That's the longest this year!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

School was much brighter today, in the literal sense. It didn't rain today, but it's raining tonight. And yes, the door on the topmost floor was opened again (and it has been opened many times before). It's the door that leads to the rail-less "balcony". And it takes less than 3 secs to hit terra firma when you jump of it. Crazy, innit?

Went for two hours of music theory class today. It was just so tiring, because all we did was exercises and more exercises. Gave me quite a mental strain, it did. Yes, I love music, but not too much of it. Too much of anything and everything is bad. What to do? All for the love of music... Physics today, Elvina and I vied for points. You see, it's like this. Teacher will ask questions and the first to give the right answer gets one point. It's important for our exam marks, because it kinda influences it in a way. I'm not competing with her though (I know you're reading this Elvina!!!). I just doing what she said before, and that was to go for the point if you know the answer. She said that she'd stop once she got 50 points, but I told her to go on.

Yes, school life is *memorable*. Simply fantastic. Says in an undoubtedly sarcastic tone: I can't think of any other way to spent my teens than being in school!!! *ugh* Let me tell you one thing, music is the way to go!

...and modelling, acting, singing, reading the daily/nightly news on tv...

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Monday, January 26, 2004

*Argh* Slow connection...especially when downloading stuff!!! I hate this. The connection, however, is much slower than other days...I dunno why.

School is such a drag...I can't stand it. *But it's the last year, so hold on!!!* I can't wait till high school's over.

One of the last things to do on my to-do list this year is to learn to drive. Dad tells me now is the best time to learn. Now as in this year, while I'm still in Kuching. He says I won't have the chance if I go elsewhere to study next time. And he's right. *sigh*

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Thursday, January 22, 2004


I've been thinking...shouldn't it be New Chinese Year? Unless "New Year" is considered one word.

Didn't get enough sleep again. Last night was like war time or something. There were bright flashes of light and loud repetitive noises like gunshots. Yes, it's the amazing fireworks which went off at midnight last night. I wanted to have an early night, because my eyes hurt and caused my head to ache. I could smell the "fumes" of the fireworks even in my room. You don't really experience this kind of sleeplessness caused by fireworks in Singapore. Maybe you won't at all. Then, later on in the morning (say between 3 am - 5 am), I had an upset stomach. Went to the toilet in the middle of the night?morning? to relieve the pain.
Went visiting people with mild ?diarrh(o/e)a? Heheh...don't know how to spell it even after all this time :) Let's see if I can remember all of them in the right order.

1. Uncle Ho's (school bus driver)
2. Uncle Albert's
3. My mom's student's house
4. Uncle James' (school treasurer)
5. Uncle Jeremy's
6. Jason's

I hope I didn't forget anyone else's house. My parents and sister are visiting more people as I'm typing this. I'm not going because I'm still having tired eyes=headache and the mild shitting problem. Going visiting again tomorrow.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I've decided to put up my ambitions. Note: The list is not in the order of importance. Only #1 is really important..

My Ambitious Ambitions:
1. Jazz musician
2. Freelance model
3. Actor
4. Newscaster
5. Singer

All for the glory of God.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Finally a chance for me to blog. I've been bogged down with the immense burden of homework. But since that CNY hols have delightfully commenced, I'm more free to "let go" on the computer. Although I'm not Chinese, I do look forward to CNY. Lots of vegetarian/chicken Ba Gua (I think that's how you spell it) to eat, it's simply delicious...the redness of it all. I'm getting hungry thinking about it, and I'm starting to have an unusual craving for it. My mouth is watering...

I'm now having a splitting headache, or perhaps the type you get when you have really tired eyes...just too much homework for me to handle. I wonder how the excellent students juggle work time and play time? Work time is now taking up more of my play time, which is totally unacceptable. Play time is equally important to me. I mean, when else can I use the computer? Or watch the telly for that matter? But luckily, I can still watch the telly.

I've been having dreams about being a male model. I have no idea why, but it seems like what I want to do in my free time in the future...far future. I'm also thinking of doing telecommunications or something, like being a journalist or a newscaster aside being a jazz musician. Are my ambitions a little...ambitious? People think I'm crazy, wanting to be a male model. But I did get a compliment from a friend. She said that I would make a good male model. She also said that I just needed to work on my body a little, and gain some more weight. I'm not that skinny, just lacking a bit of fat. Then again, models are skinny. Maybe not all. I've never seen a skinny male model though, only female models. Damn. That does mean that I need to work on my muscles.

I love holidays. Who doesn't?

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Saturday, January 17, 2004

Let's see. I've recovered from my illness(es), thanks to medicine, rest, and prayer! Thank you for all your prayers. Nothing much happened today, except that it rained really hard in the morning. And oh, I was so frustrated this afternoon...don't ask why. I'm not going to think about it, and it's as if the frustration has already gone. There were some events that took place that now ambitious thoughts have entered my mind. Perhaps over-ambitious. My lips are sealed. I will not will myself to talk concerning those thoughts. They are mine only.

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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Thank God I'm much better today! After eating the medicine and having adequate rest, I'm so much better! But I still have to finish my all medicine. That reminds me! *gasp* I forgot to take my medicine!!!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Won't blog long today...I'm so miserably sick...ill. Last night, I had this sudden attack of fever. I'm not sure how I got it. Anyways, I was shivering so hard I couldn't pee properly, and I couldn't fall asleep. This morning, I felt so cold and lightheaded. When I went to school, Elvina said I walked like a zombie. When I get feverish, my joints ache. My body temperature was soaring. I went home afterwards, I couldn't stand it anymore. My face felt so hot that my eyes watered non-stop. It was bloodshot too. Too hot perhaps. Then, went to the clinic. Was "diagnosed" with very high fever, cough, and runny nose. I'm better now, thanks to the medicine. Have to take 6 pills. And I got myself 2-days worth of mc. Slept this whole afternoon. I covered my eyes and forehead with a cold cloth. My eyes felt so hot. I'm suffering so much!!!

Pray for me...

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Monday, January 12, 2004

Hehe...whacked Elvina on the head today. But by accident! She made her index and middle fingers like legs and "walked" up my back, all the time saying (as spelled by a friend) "tito, tito, tito", which is more or less pronounced "teetoo", Hokkien equivalent of "spider". Knowing that I would be annoyed, she kept doing it. Then, I had this bright idea. I thought, if a spider was on me, I'd smash it hard. Exactly what I did, but instead of hitting her hand, I hit her head!. Immediately, I burst into laugher. She, on the other hand, patted her head, checking for any her hair. She did laugh afterwards, and surprisingly, she didn't get angry with me for hitting her on the head. It was so funny, I tell you. I tried so hard not to laugh...but I couldn't...

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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Hehehe...didn't blog for two days. No time really.

Friday, January 9, was my birthday, and now I'm 17. I still can't believe that I'm a year's just too fast. I don't want to grow up yet! But hey, I've only got one more year in school, so I *want* to grow.

A few friends of mine brought me out last night. We first went to McDonald's where we all ate the prosperity burger. It was delicious, but spicy. And so were the twister fries. I prefer the normal fries. Afterwards, we went to Popular bookstore, where Elvina bought me a green pencil. Then, we went to Hock Lee Center, specifically the arcade place. There was one game that we played all night -- Jurassic Park. It was simply exhilarating! One thing sucked, however. One of the guns wasn't really working properly. Only Chun and Silas finished the game. The rest of us kept dying while fighting the "Carnotaurus", some chameleon-type dinosaur. I didn't make it to the end because I ran out of tokens. I shouldn't have given some to Silas and Chun. That was why I lost!!! If I didn't give my tokens away, I would've won!!! But I still had fun. Still want to go back there and play :)

Anyways, thanks guys for remembering my birthday!

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Thursday, January 08, 2004

On the fourth day of schooling...I gotta stop singing this!!!

I've just realized that most of my free aka leisure time is taken up by school work. That means I don't get to make new designs for my blog :( When I go online, I'm only blogging and checking my mail. Can't find the time...yet. But I will. Trying to work on a new design.

My family (including my aunt from KL) brought me out for a birthday dinner. My birthday's tomorrow, but my aunty will be going back to KL tomorrow as well. So we wanted to celebrate my birthday together. I ate chicken chop...and then I felt so sick. I was like on the verge of puking...I don't know why. I didn't over-stuff myself...maybe the chicken was a tad bit oily. So I drank lots of fluid, mainly milo, to help "push" it down or something. I'm okay now, and I didn't puke. Didn't want to. I've never puked for as long as I can remember, and I don't intend to puke at all. I think it's really disgusting...all your stomach juices and half-digested food coming back up again...*ugh*


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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

On the third day of schooling bluh bluh bluh...

Lalalalala...lets see. What should I write? Maybe I should say that I've finally read more than half of my BM novel. It's only 200 hundred pages, so it's not such a big deal to you guys. Yes, I know that you've all read more...thousands more, perhaps. But to me, it's one big accomplishment, the fact that I never read my other novels...I read the synopses...and fooled my teacher that I actually read them...I hope she doesn't read this post...or I'm dead. I'm taking my studies seriously now. It's my last year in school, and I want to make the best out of it.

Lalalalala...what else hor? I've got too much in my head now to think clearly of what to post...This week's full of readings to be done. *sigh* But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. At least both my English and BM will improve, although not so much. *sigh*

I was having Bio class at the top most floor of the High School block. It's like 4th or 5th storey. Can't tell. But it's high. Anyways, there was this open door that led to a railing-less balcony. I was looking out and down...far drop, I thought. Then, when I sat down to be taught to, this weird thought came to my mind. I pictured myself running straight at the door and jumping off the balcony...freefalling to my death. It seemed to be the thing to do at that time. It was so...blissful. Something told me it's so easy to do...just run and jump...then you can leave this life.It's so weird for me to think that way...but it's not like I've never thought of commiting suicide. After that, I was like why am I thinking like this? I must be going crazy.

That's all. I don't want to strain my brain more than it's strained now...*sigh*...patience Lyndelle, patience.
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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

On the second day of schooling my true love gave to me...Yeah right. I have no true love. Except for one guy, that is. He's so...undescribable. I know he loves me sooooooo much...*sigh*. Want to know his name? Jesus. Yeah.

Well, He did give me extra strength to do more-than-I-can-take reading. I'm not a bookworm, and never will be. And I really thank Him for that! I mean, I accomplished today's goals of reading the Bible, reading my lesson, and reading 2 chapters of my BM novel. My BM novel book isn't overly thick or thin, but I'm a slow reader, and so will take a lot more time to read it unlike people who can read non-stop. And what's worse, it's in BM. I'm not an ace in that language. I have trouble when speaking it, and tend to stumble on my words, mix them up, or create a whole new word that I myself don't know the meaning.

Been coughing these few days. Don't worry, I have no fever or difficulty in breathing. The only reason I'm coughing is that my throat is like irritated and gets really "itchy". Coughing seems to be the way to take away this "itchiness", but it actually makes it worst, like scratching a small mosquito bite which then swells bigger. Perhaps I should drink more water. Yes, that's what I'm gonna do...before I choke down on some cold milo. I know cold drinks are bad for me at this moment!!!

Sometimes I do hate this pimple-prone face of mine. There's one really big one on the left side of my nose in between my eyes. It's so annoying. There have been times when I have hideous pus-packs, pimples that is, my confidence goes down. All the way down. I get embarassed to look people in the eye...and I have come to the extent of avoiding people at all costs. But in school, that is nearly impossible, because you're surrounded by a sea of a few friends and total strangers. Well, that's me. I really hope that my face will get better as I get older. At least my complexion's better, according to Qing. She's such an "encourager". At least she's looking at the good thing about my face. At least she's even looking.

Well then, I think I have bored you all now. Good night...

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Monday, January 05, 2004


dont add its a mock virus, tell it to everybody on ur msn bcuz if somebody on your list accepts it then u get the virus too


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Let's see...what happened today. Oh yeah! I remember now. I went to school :( I was absolutely negative about going to school. There's not *much* joy in it anymore. Form 5 (my class) got some suck-ass (my friend coined this "term") classroom. But it belonged to the 2nd cleanest class last year. Our class was the 1st cleanest. We didn't study AT ALL today. I'm just not ready to take it all in yet...

All of the secondary classes were moved to the bigger building. We (Form 1, 2, 3, & 4) were previously sharing the same building, which is smaller, with the primary. Government prohibits sharing *anything* with the primary. Because of that, there's some big ugly green fence separating us from them. It's separating me from home as well! When the gate is completely built, I won't be able to return home during recesses. Which is bad, because recess is when all the students come out and going home is my solution of avoiding them!!! No...I will die from overcrowding...this is going to be a long year. It's all so bleak. High school life isn't exciting for me. It's my last year in high school, and I can't wait to get through it. Please! God speed up time, please! I really don't want to go to school...

Enough of my mindless rambling. I'm sure you're all bored and tired of hearing me lament...wahhhhhhhhhhh.....

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Sunday, January 04, 2004

Happy be-early birthday to me! A new design!!! Yay!

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What a glorious Sunday morning...only to be ruined by the thought of returning to school tomorrow. It is simply too soon! I feel so bored to go to school. I'm taking subjects that I'd rather not take, and the weekly routine is like repeated over and over again. Can't bear it. The only comforting thought is knowing that this year is my *last* year in high school. I wonder how college will be...

This morning, a few friends and I were supposed to go to Silas' house to watch Lord of the Rings 1 & 2. Both are the extended versions. We were all pretty excited about it. Not anymore. You see, a friend called me up just now to tell me that Silas' mom took his car. So he can't people up. It has been called off. *Sigh* Can't this day get any better???

It can actually, if I celebrate my aunty's (my fav. aunty) return from kampung. She has been here in Sarawak for about two weeks now. On Friday, she'll be going back to KL. She lives there with her husband, which happens to be my uncle. Then, in a few months time, she'll be coming back here again. Her husband will be going to Switzerland (ohmigawd) to study for one year. He's something like a sound engineer, and he works in recording studios and the like. Kewl eh. My aunty won't be going with him. She's freaked about going there. I'm like why not (take a crazy chance...)? It's not like everyday you get to go to Europe. Switzerland is in Europe right? My geography sucks big time. So does my history...

I don't want to go back to school :(

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Saturday, January 03, 2004

Communion Service took place today. It was the most emotional one for me...I even teared. I thought of things that I don't want to mention. Besides that, we had our first choir practice for the year! It was something we all had to re-adjust to. We were all enjoying our 2-week break from choir.

When I got home in the evening today, I looked through an album with pictures of a very young me. I saw how small I was (I'm still small now, just much much taller), and I couldn't believe that that was me. I do wish I could be young like that don't have to worry about this and that. *sigh* But I can, and will, endure life till the end.

I was just thinking about what else I'd like to do in life instead of just music. I was thinking of doing a minor in communications, or something like that. You know, like going in front of the camera and be a telecaster, or journalism (but I despise that idea. Journalism. Ugh). I dunno, but I like to work in front of a cam. Like acting, or modelling. Crazy ambitions, rite?

I'm not sure whether it will come true though...

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Friday, January 02, 2004

I've been working on new designs for my blog. I'm planning to use them whenever I feel like it. Once you know how to do it, it becomes fun. Now I understand when Raelene said something like "I love coding".

Linkin Park. Yes, I'm beginning to like them. I wonder why. My favourite song is Numb (my sis bought the CD and I'm listening to it over and over again). Maybe my "hidden rock" side is showing up now. I use to despise LP. But the more I listen to them, the more I like them. And my personal Linkin Park-er is the drummer, Rob. I think he is so cool, especially when he plays the drums.

How does Chester sing hoarse like that???

Something I've been dreading will finally come true: school. It's this Monday!!!'s too soon. I haven't done my add. maths holiday homework!!! But it's just a few questions...I can get it done on Sunday. I think. That's if I haven't forgotten how to do them. *sigh* School!!!!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Anyways, I can't blog long. I have to clean up the house. Yes, you read it right. I do chores around the house too you know, not just spending time on the pc. And it looks like it's gonna rain. I'd better get the clothes in.

Happy Sabbath after 6:30++

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Thursday, January 01, 2004

Switched my design to the emergency one. I hope this one works. It's here until I get help on how to do...stuff. :)

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