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Saturday, April 12, 2008

On Friday, The Promise went to a beach somewhere in Newcastle slightly under an hour away from Avondale where we took many pictures.

You can see some of them on the photographer's blog here.

We had lots of fun taking them, just being with each other and sharing each one's craziness. What you see there is less then 10% of the total number of pictures.

I am very blessed to have this wonderful opportunity. Thank you God!

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Friday, April 11, 2008

I got the best news during The Promise practice today.

I still can't believe it. I can still hear it...

There is a big possibility that we will go to - bam badda bam! - New York (yup, the US!) this year. Robb, our director, is in talks with a person of authority (haha, I don't have a better description, but she is a woman, girl power!) to get our asses there. He's pretty well-connected in the music scene in the US - he's American, a tenor and he's sung in many many operas (the kinds one has to audition for) and sh*t. A true professional, and it makes me so jealous. Haha!

He mentioned two venues we will perform at if all goes well. I forget what one of them was, because my mind was totally fixated on - get this - Carnegie Hall. My jaw dropped so low that it's so loose now.

OMG x 100

As if New York isn't enough! Carnegie Hall is like THE venue of all musical venues.

Here's the other side: I did say "big possibility", which means there is a small chance that we won't go. Nothing's quite confirmed yet. It's still too early to get a definite answer now. But I'm going to pray hard, and if this is what God wants, we will go to New York! Pray for us as well!

#a side note for myself: the Statue of Liberty (OMG) is there...

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