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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

**Million Apologies**

Yes. I truly am sorry for not blogging over such a long long time. It was simply troublesome to blog (due to some reasons I'm not about to disclose). What can I say in as few words as possible?

If you're asking, the musical thing was a success. We managed to "convert" at least one soul. There might be a second performance. Details will be up as soon as there is available information. I want to brush up my acting skills. Not that I did bad for my character (besides, I had so little spotlight time). I feel that if I'm gonna have very little lines, I have to deliver those lines with as much emotions (but not overdoing it or anything) as possible. And oh, I have learnt to trust Silas' criticisms more than Daniel's (I mean, what does a magistrate know???)

Also, in my free time, I like to talk to myself. Boring? Try practising different accents. I've got the German and Gypsy (this one from Anna Valerious of Van Helsing) accents to improve. Why am I doing this? For fun. For having a bit of conversation variations. I've already mastered the Malay-speaking-English accent, and a few others. I really should master the French accent.

Movies that I have watched since I last blogged: Van Helsing (I like Wolfman!!!), The Day After Tomorrow (I like...the beggar guy???), and I think that's about it. Movies that I want to watch: The Punisher, Shrek 2, perhaps Spiderman 2 & Troy,...and some others. I'm just not thinking too much right now. I probably shouldn't.

Became one of the MC of the Teacher's Day celebration. I was standing alongside with lovely Elvina, who, inspite of her slight wordy screw-up at the beginning of her welcome, cleverly and skillfully held the audience together without me. I wasn't up there with her only for the first few minutes (but for an MC, a few minutes can feel dreadfully longer) of the program because I had to play the sucky school piano.

Am trying to come up with a new blog design cuz I'm getting sick of this one. I want something, how should I say this, whiter? With purple of course, and a few other complimentary colours incorporated into the design.

In addition to not blogging for ages, I have also not been checking my mail. I bet it is overloaded already. I'm going to check my mail now, so I'll stop right here. If I feel like continuing, I'll do it when feel like it. Keep in touch and keep on coming. Hopefully you guys' presence will keep me here :) Joking lah.

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